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Recommendations From Industry Expert
Fred Waters

"THANK YOU for your AWESOME elliptical reviews. I have recommended it to family, and will continue to do so when people are searching for their exercise equipment." - Cindy

elliptical trainer reviewsThe combination low-impact and upper and lower body workout makes an elliptical trainer a great choice for losing weight and getting in shape.

Finding the perfect elliptical trainer can be a challenge. Prices vary from $200 to $5,000. Some are built like toys, while others are commercial quality for the home. This site helps you find the best value for your body and budget. You don't want to make a costly mistake, and end up with an expensive clothes rack. To get you on the right track we offer:

How Do We Determine Our Elliptical Trainer Ratings?

I've worked in the fitness equipment industry for over 17 years. Previously I was the VP of marketing for a fitness equipment company. I am one of only two review sites where the reviewer actually has experience in the industry. The majority of elliptical trainer reviews site are written by individuals with no background in fitness equipment. In fact, their elliptical reviews are nothing more than a rehash of what is on the manufacturer's web site.

In order to provide the most helpful buying advice I draw from the following resources...

  • elliptical trainer reviewInterviews with Manufacturers — Often these take place on site. I travel to get details you'll never find on the manufacturer's web sites.

  • Visits to Fitness Equipment Stores — I talk to the people who sell and repair elliptical trainers. These professionals are an important resource in determining which elliptical trainers offer the most value for your money.

  • Customer Reviews — I'm regularly contacted by elliptical trainer customers, and through them I learn how their crosstrainers hold up in real life situations. This information is passed in to you.

Together with my years of experience in the fitness equipment industry, I strive to provide you with the most insightful information you need to purchase the elliptical trainer that is ideal for your body and your budget.

To Your Health,
Fred Waters

A Few Comments from Readers:

"I just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent website for Elliptical reviews. Your site is by far the best. The information you provide is useful and informative unlike other review sites I've seen."

"Many thanks for your excellent reviews. My wife and I are contemplating buying some fitness equipment and your reviews are God sent. Keep doing the great job."

"Thank you for this site, it has saved us frustrations."

"I really appreciated your website. It was the main basis for my decision."

"Thank you so much for your wisdom and confidence.  People need help and you give the much needed advice.  Blessings to you and your family this new year!"

"I have spent all of this morning as the grateful beneficiary of your great website as I go shopping for an Elliptical."

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